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Device name Model PDA Version Region OS OS Version Build Date Changelist Download
G318HXXS0AQC1 Multi-regions 4.4.4 Android 16.03.2017 1054706
G318HXCS0AQD1 Multi-regions 4.4.4 Android 03.04.2017 1140084
G318HXCS0AQD2 Multi-regions 4.4.4 Android 03.04.2017 970014
G318HXCU0APJ2 Multi-regions 4.4.4 Android 24.10.2016 1140084
Galaxy Ace 4 Neo

G318HJPU0APF1 Android 4.4.4 KitKat is the new official firmware update for the Galaxy Ace 4 Neo (SM-G318H) BUILD DATE: 14.06.2016 CHANGELIST: 1054706 (Android security patch level: 01.06.2016) and now it is available and you can download it from Galaxy Rom Website and get help to updating and installing it with our Complete Tutorial. There are several ways to install […]

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