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Device name Model PDA Version Region OS OS Version Build Date Changelist Download
J200GUDXU3AQL1 Multi-regions 5.1.1 Android 13.12.2017 12691110
J200GUDXU3AQJ1 Multi-regions 5.1.1 Android 30.10.2017 12471635
J200GUDXU3AQI1 Multi-regions 5.1.1 Android 18.09.2017 12274837
J200GUDXS3AQG2 Multi-regions 5.1.1 Android 17.07.2017 1092329
J200GUDXU2APL1 Multi-regions 5.1.1 Android 07.12.2016 10038913

Simple steps to install Update Official Firmware J200GUDXU1AOI4 for Galaxy J2 SM-J200GU  – J200GUDXU1AOI4 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy now you can get the new update of ROM Official Firmware 5.1.1 Lollipop through the download Zip file contains rom Official update for Galaxy J2 SM-J200GU you can get its on your computer by following the detailed explanation of how […]

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